Know What’s in This Box?

A Powerful Weight Loss Boost
for Your Low Carb Lifestyle


There are lots of great reasons for low carb eating—like better digestion, stabilized blood sugar, and increased energy. But if you’re cutting carbs for the weight loss benefit and not seeing results, you may need some extra help managing your daily calories.

Say hello to your new best friend. I-REMOVE is a plant-based supplement that’s clinically tested and shown to reduce the amount of calories absorbed from dietary fat.

Plus, it’s easy to use – you take it with a full glass of water after each meal.

Adding I-REMOVE to your low-carb routine is a great tool to keep calories in check and get your weight loss on track.

  • Clinically tested—lose 3X more weight than healthy eating and exercise alone
  • Binds up to 28% of dietary fat
  • A flexible system makes losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight a reality
  • Proprietary, plant-based formula works with your body to help you lose weight
  • Vegetarian, gluten-free and non-GMO




30 day

Help me start losing up to 3x more weight!

How I-REMOVE works

1.Take I‐REMOVE after each meal with a full glass of water.

2.The litramine will bind with fat molecules in the food, forming larger fat-fiber complexes that are not digested.

3.The body naturally eliminates up to 28% of fat in the meal. You absorb fewer calories (without causing harsh side effects).

Help my low carb diet work better for me

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