Your Daily Solution to Weight Wellness

Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is a lifelong journey with lifetime rewards. With bmiSMART’s line of weight wellness supplements, you can say “no thanks” to the latest strict dieting fad, and “yes” to losing weight. Starting with a mindful approach to food, bmiSMART’s products keep you on track day by day in order to develop a lifestyle that supports your weight-loss and maintenance goals every day - including celebrations and holidays.

So whether you need to reduce calories from fat, block carbs & sugars or control your appetite, bmiSMART™ has a solution to meet your daily needs. Composed of naturally derived plant-based extracts, bmiSMART’s proprietary weight wellness formulas are developed using the very best health-science technology available, resulting in effective, beneficial compounds that are naturally optimized to maximize your weight-loss efforts.

With bmiSMART™ in your pocket or purse, you know you have daily assistance for weight wellness.

I-REMOVE Fat Binder


Fat Binder


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Carb & Sugar Blocker

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Appetite Reducer

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