It was different because

Written By Sharon BENEDICT - August 15 2016


Selena Rakowski
August 16 2016

The bmiSMART contest came along right at the perfect time. I was ready to give up on trying to lose weight and being fit. I love the group of women I get to work with. They are all so motivating. Thank you bmiSMART.

August 15 2016

As the nutrition and health coach for this group of fabulous women, I am in awe of how fast they are progressing! They are determined, strong, and supportive of each other, and they are seeing amazing results-quickly! The I-REMOVE is helping them to feel satiated, and lose weight, while they eat 3 meals a day plus snacks. I am hearing feedback about how much energy has improved, and how great they feel. And it’s only been a week!

Jenna Grace
August 15 2016

It’s only been a week and my attitude about getting healthy and fit has done a 180. Success is not out of my reach this time and I have bmiSMART and staff to thank!

August 15 2016

It is different because we have incredible support and an amazing group of women who couldn’t be more different but have the same goals in mind! The personal trainer and nutritionist have been so helpful in creating lifestyle changes that we can make beyond the 12 weeks! The help of I-remove has been especially helpful! I can see pounds melting away already!! I feel so lucky to get to be part of this great group!!

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